• The Hyper Project of the Department of Design at Osaka University of Arts is a unique project of the Department of Design that transcends the boundaries of courses and grades and is participated in by various teams related to design. Students take the initiative and sometimes work beyond the boundaries of their department, broadening the scope of their design field. As a part of this Hyper Project, we have started a new project: a poster festival featuring invited artists.
    The students decide on their own poster design theme, research designers not only in Japan but also from all over the world who are willing to join, and collect such works. It is a great opportunity for students to see various designs on the same theme and, at the same time, research such designs. Because it is difficult to hold an on-site exhibition due to the corona pandemic, we will hold a cyber exhibition this time. The exhibition will be open to the public on the Internet. Anyone can visit the exhibition at any time and from any place. We look forward to seeing your work.

    OSAKA POSTER FEST Executive Committee
  • 大阪芸術大学デザイン学科ハイパープロジェクトはコースや学年の垣根を越え、デザインに関わるさまざまなチームで参加する、デザイン学科の特徴的なプロジェクトです。学生が主体となり、ときには学科の枠を越えて取り組むこともあり、デザイン領域の幅が広がります。 このハイパープロジェクトの一つとして、今回新しくプロジェクトを始めました。招待作家によるポスターフェスティバル開催です。

  • Theme : CONTACT
    Since last year, the whole world has been affected by the coronavirus infection, which has completely changed our lifestyle. Under the current situation, while “contact” is discouraged, the times are keeping changing. In the midst of such circumstances, people are adapting to the next age by looking at and thinking about things from a different perspective and exploring various ways. In this context, “contact” is also changing. In this challenging era, we have selected “CONTACT,” which is showing respective changes, as the theme of the exhibition. We look forward to entries from many designers.
  • テーマ: 接触(CONTACT)
  • Rules and Conditions
    • Theme: CONTACT
    • Payment: Free
    • Delivery of work_ digital file: 300dpi,RGB, jpg,70x100 cm, vertical type
    • File name: name_surname_ country_ work title
    • Submission: send to : info@poster.osaka.jp
    • Letter subject: name_surname_ country
    • Deadline: 5 Sep,2021
    The organizer reserves the right to reject any entry if the content or format does not meet the requirements.
    The organizer reserves the right to reject any participation that it deems to be harmful to the reputation of third parties or to violate any laws. An entry shall be an original work and shall not infringe on any intellectual property rights, nor shall the work infringe on the rights of any third party or any other rights. Any copyrights contained in the work are the responsibility of the respective artists.
    Any text, graphics, and images used in the work shall comply with human rights laws.
    The copyright of the work belongs to the artist, and the organizer shall have the right to promote, use, and make available the work at events.
    The work may be publicly exhibited, published on the Internet, published, distributed, etc., and may be provided to various organizations.
    Participation in this exhibition is free of charge. The organizer is not obligated to pay any expenses related to the design of posters.
    By participating in this exhibition, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.
  • 応募要項
    • テーマ: 接触(CONTACT)
    • 無料
    • デジタルファイル:300dpi,RGB,jpg, 70×100cm, タテ
    • ファイル名:name_surname_country_work title
    • ファイル送信先: info@poster.osaka.jp(10MB以内)
    • メール件名:name_surname_country
    • 締切:2021年9月5日
    主催者は、内容または形式が要項を満たさない場合、応募を拒否する権利を留保します。主催者は第三者の評判を害するもの、法律に違反することを含むとみなすものは参加を拒否する権利を有します。応募作品はオリジナル作品とし、知的財産権を侵害してはならないこと。また第三者の権利およびその他の権利を侵害してはならない。 作品に含まれる著作権は、作者の責任です。
  • Exhibition

    22 Oct ~ to Closing of the Exhibition Site
    ※The event may be terminated without notice.


    Cyber Exhibition Hall

    All participating designers will be issued a certificate.
  • 開催日程